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Why Legalight's Test Platform for CLAT Prep?

The Best In Class Test Analytics For Our Learners

Analytics is the most crucial part of any mock test. Because it gives the learners insight mainly to understand or know learners strong points & weakness & Improve to get best score in the actual exams. Legalight Provides Varieties Of Analytics.

Score Analytics & Custom Grading

Instantly shows the results with a custom message to our learners. Also, score analytics highlights the section-wise performance of learners.

Attempt & Time Distribution

A detailed question by question analysis of learner performance. It tells our learner about how many questions in sections are answered correct, incorrect or skipped & the time invested on each of the questions.

Question Analytics, Leaderboard & Percentile Ranking

Shows what our learners attempted, what they got wrong & what is supposed to be the correct answer in one glance. Also shows where learners stand in Leaderboard with Percentile ranking

Topic Wise Analytics & Section Wise Analytics

A topic wise analytics of each section to best reflect our learner's performance. This helps learners to understand the sections they are weak in & need to improve on.

Time Analytics

Using Time heat chart our learners can introspect on whether they have spent more time than required for each question. They can also compare time spent on correct or wrong answers. This helps Learner to manage time better in next attempt.

Comparison Analytics

Want to show how your are faring compared to others? Are you above the average or just close to topper or need special attention? Our learners compare their score, speed & time with topper.

Personalised support by NLU Students

In addition to online learning, you can take advantage of 1:1 sessions with our expert tutors. We will support you constantly by providing relevant tips, tricks or conducting webinars for common problems.



We will engage you with resourceful communications like exam updates, motivation and other useful messages that help you focus and improve your learning. Our communication is targeted and oriented to help you learn better.


Our learners get the real experience of attempting actual exam. Also, if our learners are not able to complete the test due to system shutdown, they can come back anytime and continue the test from where they had stopped.


Wondering why our Mock Test Series - "LIGHT SPECTER" stands out! Because it was not born to fit in. The name itself is derived from Suits which is a slick legal drama where lawyers outmaneuver each other using legislative loopholes, gambling, and bluffing. And the X-factor of the show is the character of Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht. Influenced by his badassness, quick wit and mannerism, we created this Mock Test Series. Each Mock Test is prepared by a team of 30 students & graduates of different NLUs and prestigious Law schools. Our Team Members are further divided in 5 Teams, each having the responsibility for a particular section. Now, each of the 200 questions of our Mock Test goes through 3 filters, where it is either rejected or it paves its way for the Mock Test. For each Mock Test, we prepare 3 full question papers, out of which only one makes it through. Your Mock Tests question are no ordinary, they outwork and outprepare other questions and so should you for getting your desired NLU. We give you 45 Mock Tests and like everything we do, it has a motive and we do it intentionally. This includes 28 CLAT-based, 10 AILET-based, 3 SET-based, 2 MHCET-based & 2 BLAT-based. Each of our Mock Tests as well as our Mock Test Results are scheduled keeping in mind two things. Firstly, it should feel like that you are appearing on an actual Test and secondly, there is enough time between 2 consecutive Mock Tests to allow you to adapt to your own strengths and weaknesses to make sure you are improving through the course. The first 5 Mock Tests, is to establish a baseline of your skill level. Then the next 10 Mock Tests, Mock 6 - Mock 15 are used to diagnose whether or not you're learning the methodology to approach each question correctly. The next 10, from Mock 16 - MOCK 25, are given to hone your test-taking skills after you've acquired all of your CLAT fundamentals. Should you want more practice, 20 additional full-length exams are available for you to work on timing, test taking strategies, and general practice before your CLAT. Now, aren't we sassy like Harvey Specter!!!

LIGHT 50 | G.K. TEST SERIES | 25 TESTS | ₹1500/-

You talk about GK in front of CLAT aspirants and you will surely get one of these reactions. The learners who makes daily effort and they actually enjoy knowing and learn more about world around them, for them it is a cake walk, but this is not where the majority stands. Majority stands on the other side, exclaiming throughout their preparation, "Mujhse Na Ho Payega, itna saara G.K. raata marna." The bad news is G.K is the power play of  CLAT paper. In just 8-10 mins, you can score 40+ and tackle one-fourth of the questions of your test. The good news is we are there to help you study G.K for your exam!!! Once, you take this test series, you get 25 Tests across different exam patterns to practice well. Also, we send you our Compedium, which has been exhaustively created by our G.K. Team. But, unlike others, we don't tell you to just study our Compediums. Never, ever. Why? Because, the people who set the CLAT papers have proved their inefficiency in course of years to set a standard question for G.K. Therefore, you can not risk your future, we tell you and guide you from where to study and what to study and what not to study. We make you study smart and not for long boring hours, making you hate G.K. more than you did. Everything we do is based on the Pareto's 80/20 principle. We promise to you, we will walk together with in your from "G.K NAHI HO PAYEGA to G.K TOH PAKKA HO JAYEGA". We will bridge this gap in your preparation. For everything else, " We are just one call away."

All India Test Series for CLAT 2018!!!

LIGHT SPECTER | Mock Test Series 

LIGHT 50 | G.K. Test Series


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